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The CRTC announced a decision today that will prevent us from continuing to use the Rogers Network. Currently, when our customers are not connected to Wi-Fi, they access data through Rogers Network.

We’ve been given 50 days to make the necessary changes so that our customers no longer use Rogers Network when Wi-Fi isn’t available, in the meantime our customers may still access Rogers Network.

We’re currently exploring alternative options for non-Wi-Fi access that will ensure our customers have access to data despite this decision.

Rest assured, our customers won’t experience any service interruptions within the next 50 days. We will stay in direct communication with you as further developments unfold.

This decision is a big win for Rogers, and the Big 3 in general, one that blocks fair competition and innovation in an attempt to keep wireless prices among the highest in the world. But it’s not over yet. We’ll continue to fight for Canadian consumers and thank you for your ongoing support.

Samer Bishay

CEO, Sugar Mobile


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