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More Data for Good: A Message from Sugar Mobile’s CEO

Hello all,

Was 2016 as incredible for you as it was for us?

After more than a year of hard work, we officially launched our service and attracted the attention of major news outlets like the CBC and The Globe & Mail. This launch generated a tremendous amount of interest and support for our vision of what the Mobile Industry will mean for Canada.

Like all innovation, they do not come easy. The Canadian Mobility Space is highly regulated in favour of the incumbents. Naturally, this widespread interest and support resulted in anti-competitive opposition from all the major Telecommunications companies in Canada.

With the support of Open Media, a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to the interests of Canadian Consumers, we created a petition asking for your support in response to the opposition. Over 45,000 supporters of Canadian innovation answered the call by providing their signatures.

Our future now rests in the hands of the CRTC and we will continue to tirelessly work towards effecting change within the Canadian Mobility Space to provide you with better and more affordable alternative services. We are confident that the CRTC will make the right decision in the best interest of Canadian consumers, competition, and innovation.

Our hard work and commitment to delivering a better choice for mobile consumers doesn’t stop at regulatory challenges. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be doubling our data offering permanently. Effective immediately, all Sugar Mobile subscribers will receive 400 MB instead of 200 MB every 30 days.

As we forge ahead into 2017, our initiatives and service improvements scheduled this year are:

  • International Calling & Texting
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Picture Messaging (MMS)
  • New plans and pricing options
  • Roaming in Mexico
  • LTE Network

On behalf of the entire team at Sugar Mobile, I’d like to thank you for your amazing support. Happy New Year and best wishes in 2017.


Samer Bishay 
President & CEO Sugar Mobile 


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