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Disrupting Mobile: A Message from Sugar Mobile’s CEO

Hello All,

2017 began as a year of optimism and ended with silver linings with much to appreciate, especially our loyal customers and supporters.

Year-End Review

Given that the existence of Sugar Mobile heralds possible disruption in the Canadian Mobile market, it was no surprise that the incumbents asked for regulatory intervention aimed at shutting us down. The CRTC, interpreting policies literally, ruled in favour of the incumbents in March, sadly forcing us to cease offering services to our loyal customers.

In June, Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains challenged the CRTC ruling based on WiFi First principle. Bains told the Canadian Telecom Summit in Toronto the WiFi-based model could benefit Canadian consumers, particularly those who are less well-off.

“This lack of choice does not benefit Canadians,” Bains said. “For this reason, I am directing the CRTC to rethink its decision and reconsider the WiFi first model.” The WiFi First network service model is a technology using an Over-the-Top (OTT) app where phone calls and text messages can be transmitted through data.

Bains mandated the regulator to launch a new examination of the subject and to complete its review by March 31, 2018.

Advancing Progress

We’re proud and eager to continue working hard to bring a WiFi First network to Canadians. Together, we’ll lead the transformation of how regulators view the market and how Canadians consume mobile.

What’s on the horizon:

  • Data, data and more data. You only pay for the data that you need and not a byte more. Everything else is free.
  • Our Product Development team is re-imagining and re-working the user experience thanks to the invaluable feedback from our loyal customers.
  • Continuous performance improvements.
  • Guaranteed lowest prices and the best value in Canada.

On behalf of the entire team at Sugar Mobile, I’d like to wish you a Bright and Happy New Year! Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to the great things we can accomplish together in 2018.


Samer Bishay
President & CEO Sugar Mobile


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